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Create Your Office Space at Home

Are you still trying to get used to working from home?  Are you not able to find a proper place for your online meetings?  Is it getting difficult to pay attention to both work and your family? Let me suggest some ideas that you can try to deal with the situation. 

Select location wisely

It may seem that the entire idea of office space requires a large room. But as long as you choose the location wisely, the expansion of your room does not matter. For that, select a section of our house that is less crowded or maybe close to nature. To add more comfort, choose a room that has more than one window. 

Spend on necessary furniture 

    Before you buy furniture to decorate your home office, think twice. Make a list of all that you are going to buy. Considering the budget, you can eliminate the unnecessary things and increase the funding for the needful ones. Thus you will be able to purchase quality products and at the same time will save space. 

    Proper lighting is important 

    As your office is now at home,  you can decide how to burn the night lamp. Adjust the power with the capability of your vision; buy lamps. Replace boring study lamps with some decorated smart lamp shades. Instead of using tube lights, go for led ceiling lights. 

    Ensure your comfort 

    Work- from home extended the duration of our working hours. We are glued to the laptop and our desk for a long time. Therefore,  you should make your office space comfortable.  For that, buy some well-cushioned chairs or have extra cushions to support your back. Colorful pillows are more preferable. You can try Kawaii bunny Cushions for this purpose. Also,  having a sofa is a wise choice. You can take a break and even work by lying. 

    Go for colors 

    A colorful place always uplifts us and helps to keep our minds fresh. Choose your favorite color for the walls or curtains and tablecloths or cushion covers. If you are fond of painting, you can decorate the walls or simply buy your favorite picture. 

    Keep it clean 

    A clean and tidy room helps you focus on your work, reduces frustrations, and keeps you away from diseases. Keep files and paper documents on shelves, thereby arranging them categorically. Use cord holders to keep the electronic cords properly. Clean or remove waste every morning. You can spray some room freshener to enhance the freshness. 

    Keep yourself motivated 

    Never let yourself down. Have positive things,  motivating pictures, posters, family photographs, etc., by your side. Also, if you are fond of music, you can arrange a little shelf to put in a mini speaker. Keep your windows open. 

    In addition, try to manage time from the daily schedule and have time with family. The homely office can also be a place to stay connected with your dear ones.