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DIY ideas for Study Space

Are you an avid reader?  Do you spend much time in your study space? Or do you just feel bored and disinterested in your study? In both cases, it is high time to make things interesting. So maybe you can begin with redecorating your study space. Let me tell you some DIY that is simple and is affordable. 

Create your holders 

Students usually keep various school stationeries. Not all of them are useful, but sometimes they are fanciful and amusing. But the desk looks messy if you scatter them here and there. Some holding boxes are available in the market. But for your personal touch, you can create your package. Have some used popcorn boxes and colorful marble paper. Glue the piece around the tubes. Decorate them in your way. You can make it funny or artistic. Place your stuff inside. 

Use the waste materials 

Peep inside your waste bin, and you will find at least one waste school accessory. So before throwing them up, you can consider them for making some crafts. Take, for example,  get pencil shavings and glue them to paper.  Add some designs and color.  You can have your artwork. Besides,  used refills,  pencils, broken pens, etc., can be taken up for beautiful art ideas. 

Old newspapers ideas 

If you do not want to waste your regular paper for DIY,  then go for old newspapers. Newspapers can be easily glued to anything.  So maybe glue some documents to a used water bottle and color it. Make it your new flower vase for your study table. Wet newspapers are used to make paper mache which is a good substitute for clay. 

Add cuteness to your study lamp

A typical study table usually has a study lamp. But they are more simple than the living room lamp shades. So why not add a little bit of cuteness to the light. Buy your favorite fabric color or acrylic color and paint the metallic outer shadow of the lamp, and then you can add cute ears or eyes with small pieces of marble paper. To add more comfort to your study space, you can add a Kawaii bunny cushion as well.

Create a personal pinboard 

There is a much popular trick to keep records of your schedule. Have your note on the board.  Arrange a piece of cardboard and cut it around 4ft*8ft. Make a hook at its back and hook it with your wall. You can later transfix your reminders or post-it papers on it. You can even attach some small photographs to it. 

Always keep some colorful art paper and colorful cello tapes. Whenever you feel bored, use them and create in your way. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take up the ideas and create your own DIY study space today.