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Ways to decorate your room

Lockdown has made our life monotonous. Within this confinement,  we are having more spare time than usual. So why not beautify the place we are staying in all day long. Here are some ideas to consider whenever you are thinking of decorating your room

Reorganize furniture 

It is not elegant to buy and randomly place the furniture. One should consider different things before buying or arranging them. First,  consider the wall color and the shape of your room. For light-colored walls, brown marooned or black-colored furniture goes well. Silver,  golden shades are more suitable for dark-colored walls. Also, you should allow space between two things. The room should not be crowded with so much furniture. 

Place beautiful things in the proper place 

Beautiful room decorations can only be useful if they are kept in the right place. Flower vases, marble mantle pieces, or photo frames should not be wasted by putting them here and there. Place vases only in open areas like the center table or behind the toilet stand etc. Mantelpieces are better to keep on an altar or competitively higher places. 

Change the wrappers 

Changing bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths, and cushion covers can bring a feeling of change.  One gets many choices -floral prints are elevating, cartoon prints are uplifting and funny, mandalas are healing, and many more. Depending on your taste and budget, have your covers changed. 

Pay attention to your shelves. 

A beautiful room is incomplete without an organized shelf. Make sure that the frames are not messy or overloaded.  You add little bonsai or feng shui or consider Kawaii cute bunny cushions to your chairs to make them more interesting. Make it more charming during the night just by attaching Christmas lights.

Use gadget wisely 

It is the age of digitalization. The room can hardly be thought of without the influence of the latest gadgets. So generally we keep our mobile and laptop in our study room. However,  to keep your reading space neat and clean,  you should use your gadgets wisely. Often we scatter our headphones,  chargers, or power bank on the tables, beds,  floor, or wherever we work to make the room look untidy. Such a habit disturbs the clean atmosphere of our room. So it is better that you keep your electronic wires coiled and tied with an elastic band after using it. It is also suggestive that you unplug your charger from the charging point as soon as it is complete. 

  Add some handcrafts 

Besides having artificial and comfortable furniture, you can add some simple and easy crafts. For example,  make a lucky charm out of colorful thread or cut a paper butterfly and attach them to the wall. If possible,  paint designs on one wall. 

You can always develop your inventive ideas and use some of the earlier ideas to bring out the creativity to decor your room.

Hope you have a fun time redecorating your room. Best regards!