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DIY Room Decor Ideas

DIY Room Decor Ideas

DIY Room Decor Ideas

You always want freedom when it comes to your room decoration. Also, whatever decoration your room has, you always want to change it and give the entire room a look that is of your own choice. So, if you need some ideas for this decoration, nothing is more appropriate than unique and creative DIY ideas.

DIY ideas give you a lot more space for creativity. You can also use these ideas at your convenience. Also, DIY is something that'll help you in enhancing your creative skills and also lighten up your increased stress levels, which is very common in today's day-to-day life.

Change The Aesthetics With Painting

Painting is the best option to decorate the walls of a room. Either paint a canvas and hang it on the wall or make a painting in a color matching the wall. Also, you can paint the walls of your room and do a specific design of your choice on the walls. Wall paintings are now in fashion. To highlight what you have drawn, you can use fairy lights. Or, you can choose something from the Kawaii Lights collection.

Macreme & Wahi Tape Decor

You can also make DIY wall designs with washi tapes. This is an amazingly unusual and innovative idea!! Also, it won't dig a hole in your pocket as it's very cheap. Also, Macrame decor items are one of the best room decorative items nowadays. The macrame items give a boho vibe to the area they are placed in. Be it planter hangers, wall hangings, decorative mirrors, swings, coasters, dream catchers, etc., it can all be made out of macrame threads. And, not only this, you can DIY the style according to your choice and put them in the room wherever you like.

Never Go Wrong With Candles

You can get more creative by adding DIY candles at home. This can be done by melting wax and putting them into either empty cans of fabric paints or a vintage cup you own. Then light them in the appropriate places in your room, such as on the side table, the shelves, or on the study table. You can also use lights to decorate your rooms. These lights are great to use for room & garden decoration. They add a glow to the aesthetics of the entire room. So, get some fairy lights and use them by applying some innovative DIY ideas.

A Memory Lane With Photos

Another trending DIY room decor idea is a vary nostalgic photo clipboard. You can clip your favorite photos on the wall using small clips. Also, you can get fairy lights that come with clips and hang your pictures on a wall. You can also add dates and events to the pictures for memory.

Get Your Hands Into Pottery

Pottery is something that you can try your hands on. Well, if not, you can make some DIY flower vases using the empty jars in your house. You can paint them with fabric colors, put some artificial plants or even original indoor plants, and either hang them or place them somewhere around the room.

Home-made Garlands

One of the cutest DIY room decor ideas is making a pom garland or pom wall hanging. Then, you can use them on your walls or as decoration. Also, you can hang them on your bookshelf. You can use multi-colored wool to make these pom-pom balls. This will give a very cute look to the room's aesthetics.

Indoor Plants Are Always Good

Everyone knows that plants are always healthy decor items, especially, indoor plants.  You can keep a corner of your room only for plants. Also, you can attach shelves to a wall and keep your favorite plants on them. This particular area with plants will bring a touch of greenery to your room. To make the space brighter, you can use fairy lights or any small lamp.

Wall Hangings And Wind Chimes

Last but not the least, you can always go for wall hangings and wind chimes for room decor. A DIY wall hanging is the easiest room decor item. It can be made out of literally anything, be it paper or wool, unused cans or jars and bottles or bowls, unused cardboard, old CDs or DVDs, etc. One way to make a beautiful wall hanging is using sea shells. This will give you a refreshing beach vibe. Then comes the wind chime!! This is what'll soothe your ears, especially on a windy day, when you come home after a tiring day at work. Just use whatever you've got at your place that would sound good in a wind chime.

So, do not waste any more time. Try out these DIYs and redecorate your room. Also, you can check out the cute kawaii stuff at Kawaii Amai for the best decor items for your room!!