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The Best College Looks For This Fall

The Best College Looks For This Fall

The Best College Looks For This Fall

A college is a place where you want to style yourself, but you have to maintain a formal look to fit in a college atmosphere. And this makes you confused about what your proper college look should look like. 

Worry not, as we have come up with some amazing college looks that can change the game for you. 


Nothing can be more useful as well as stylish, and still comfortable than jeans. It probably has the most versatile use among clothes. You can style it in as many ways as you want. If you want to wear tops (full sleeve, half sleeve, sleeveless, puff-sleeve), just wear them with a pair of jeans, and you are ready. 

Sneakers will go perfectly with this look. And now, if you want to wear full-length Kurtis, nothing can be more appropriate than jeans to go with this. You can style this look with minimal jewelry and a pair of kawaii slippers.

Also, for boys, jeans are the ultimate savior. Style this with either a light-colored tee or cotton shirt.


T-shirts are quite informal for girls going to college. But if they style it with a denim jacket or a denim shirt, their look will be changed, and they will be a proper fit for the campus. They can wear flats or kawaii slippers to glam up this look.

Instead of jeans boys can wear their tee with regular pants or trousers. 

Trouser pants

Trouser pants are such a stylish option for anyone going to college—Mix-match comfy tee or tops with them. You can also try jackets or button-down shirts over their tops. Both flats and sneakers are appropriate to go with this look. They can use junk jewelry and a watch to complement this look. Pair your regular trousers with slippers and you can never go wrong.

Medium length skirt

Tee or cotton tops are great options to style with skirts. Tuck the tee or top into the medium-length skirt and wear a pair of sneakers and a pair of stud earrings. You are good to go for your college look.


For the winter months, the coats can be your great saviors. You can style them with literally anything. Just buy a long-length coat and wear it with anything: jeans and a top or a one-piece suit or tee trouser pants. 


One common accessory that both boys and girls can wear with their college look is a watch. Watch is something that can give a more confident look to the person. A college is a place where only minimal, light, and funky jewelry are the best options. To keep your look toned down, complete your entire look with a pair of beautiful slippers.

Confidence is something that can change any look you wear. So put on comfy clothes, wear a watch and a pair of comfortable shoes and use confidence as your makeup. 

Now you are ready for college! Also, check out the Kawaii Amai Store for more kawaii stuff.

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