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Kids playing indoors

How to Keep Kids Busy Indoors Without Screen Time?

How to Keep Kids Busy Indoors Without Screen Time?

The pandemic has turned the whole world topsy-turvy forcing everyone to stay indoors for months to end. The adults may occupy themselves balancing both household duties & office work but, it is quite daunting to keep children away from boredom.

Some parents prefer to take the help of technology to keep their kids busy whereas, some refrain from doing that simply because excessive screen time can harm your kid’s overall development.  Excessive screen time can result in mindless scrolling which leads to development delays & also increase the risk of obesity in kids. Keeping boredom away from kids is important to keep them physically & mentally motivated.

Kids love to play all day long but the pandemic has limited the outdoor playtime so now, you need to keep them occupied in indoor activities.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few effective ways in which you can keep your kids busy indoors without screen time:

Painting & coloring

To keep your kids occupied, you can provide them with paint colors & coloring books that will help their imagination fly freely. By encouraging your kids to paint, you can expand their creative growth. It is a great way to keep your kids occupied indoors. Painting & coloring helps in maintaining the well-being of kids while keeping them away from technology.


The next interesting way to keep your kids occupied is by introducing thoughtful puzzles. It will not only keep them entertained but also helps in providing mental stimulation. It is a great way to expand your kid’s logical & analytical skills. Good puzzles are a true life-saver that can keep your kids occupied for hours.

Scavenger hunt

The next indoor activity that will keep your kids occupied is a scavenger hunt. Kids love to play around & by encouraging them to hunt for things, you can add some fun to their daily life.  All you have to do is hide some special objects around the house & give them clues so that they can find them.

Have them maintain a journal

Most people think that journaling is meant for adults but it is not so. You can also encourage your kids to maintain a journal so that they can process feelings & communicate their ideas. Journaling also helps in improving writing skills & expanding vocabulary.

Kawaii planner/journal

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Build a fort

Another effective way to keep your child away from screens is by building a fort. It is a fun & easy activity that you can enjoy with your kids. All you have to do take some spare carton boxes, blankets & pillows to build a fort. It will help in bringing out the inner architect of your kid & encourage them to play imaginatively.

Play pretend

Another interesting indoor activity that you can encourage your kids to play is imaginative play. Every kid has a fertile imagination that needs to be nurtured carefully so, that your kids can remain active & engaged. Just get him some amazing plush toys & let him use his imagination while playing with them.

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So, these are a few interesting & effective ways to keep your kids busy without screen time. Well, we’re not suggesting that technology is bad altogether but, you can deny the negative impact of excessive screen time on children.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that keeping your kids busy indoors is not so difficult as it may seems. All you have to do is keep your kids occupied with interesting tasks so that they can stay away from technology.


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